Tuesday, 4 July 2017

100 Word Challenge Week 10

This weeks 100 Word Challenge prompt was ...Now what do I need?... I was focusing on changing the openings of my sentences and using level 4 punctuation. Here is a link to our class blog for awesome ideas for sentence starters.

“Don’t be late going to bed honey!”Julie and Trevor closed the door and trudged down the driveway.Timmy was a greedy kid who always has to get what he wants, he never took ‘NO’ for an answer.He was a spoilt kid who knew how to get money. But there in the corner of his greedy little eyes was Julie’s credit card. The twinkle in his eyes grew as There in his grimy little hands was the doorway to all the treats in the world!Imaginatively Timmy thought to himself, now what do I need?What should I buy...

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  1. Ooo, what deliciously intriguing set up Emma; what a wealth of opportunities you opened up for developing your story further. As a reader this really gets my imagination fired up. Your introduction really appeals to me too, with the snippet of dialogue, naming your characters (that's really important for me!) and setting the scene.
    You've certainly achieved your aim of using a variety of sentence openings, but I have to confess I'm not sure what 'level 4 punctuation is. Sorry!
    One thing you might want to watch for is avoiding repeating similar phrases - 'there in the' and 'there in his.' Can you think how you might amend one of them?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.


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